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My Story...

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My name is Ebony Langston, your Healthy Wealthy Coach.  I am an Executive Health Coach specializing in helping women like you get control back over your health and metabolism.

I had spent my whole life on and off of diets, fatigued, bloated, brain fog, generally not feeling well.  I was fairly successful at work, but lack of work/life balance left me over stressed and with little sleep.  I finally decided enough was enough and made the decision to make a change.  

This time though I didn't take the approach of just wanting to lose weight.  I wanted to FEEL better, no matter what the scale ultimately said.  I didn't want to diet anymore, I just wanted to eat without thinking about food ALL the time.

There was definitely a different feeling this time around and I realized that the difference was my mindset.  I wasn't going into this with the idea of a "temporary inconvenience" and then going back to what I did before after I met (or got near) my goal.  I had decided there was no going back.  I started reading more and more on how different food affects your body and I realized that my body was trying to tell me how to feed it the entire time, I just wasn't listening. 

I took control and lost 50 pounds!

Now I work with women to help them make the same mindset shift change necessary to live their best lives now.